Ninjago hat and other happenings..



I am so proud of the way,this one has turned out .When I first started out,my plan was to make a  regular beanie and then sew embellishments to turn it into a Ninjago. But it wouldn’t give the mask look..So,I tried it one way,then the other..And then finally came up with this 🙂 Pretty neat,huh?

Now,as for the other happenings, I have started walking again- for real..every day! And the weekly pilates.Last week,I was in so much pain,I went to the Dr and asked her to check,if I had may be ripped something,in my tummy. She felt my tummy and said..’This is just your muscles,my dear and they are all intact..don’t you dare,stop your Pilates!’ Its funny now..and you can laugh,just a little bit..but I swear,it sure wasn’t funny that day! 

Aadi has been complaining that I don’t bake often as I used to…and so I baked some cupcakes for her after-school snack and when she came home,we frosted them with some Nutella and put Menthos on top! Sending you some virtual cup-cake love 🙂


And if you haven’t liked Trishna’s on FB yet,please please do it and if you like the products,don’t forget to share 🙂

Much Love,




2 thoughts on “Ninjago hat and other happenings..

  1. Yaar, I always wonder how do pack so many things in your schedule. You have kids of the same age as mine,right? In fact one is younger! 😮


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