Weekly update..

This week started off with sickness.. specially Ms.Anaan..she was in a bad shape -raging fevers causing to be delirious and the works,and then miraculously,the fever broke..touch wood she is fine now.

Ms.Aadya missed school too,on account of sickness,but when she went back on Wednesday,she was well rested and feeling better.

In other news,terrible twos have arrived at Sunshine Kingdom and boy! have they arrived..Last two days,Anaan has driven me up the wall..So many times,I cannot tell you. Seriously,if Toddler #1 is hard..Toddler #2..is *shudder shudder* Arghhh!! I dont even have any words to describe what I am feeling right now..Lets just say,ummm..I don’t think there will be a baby #3!!! 

Hope you all have been well.. I will write more..when I have my head space cleared..of all the tantrums etc..for now,I am getting through each day minute by minute!!



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