Happy Monday Announcement

I was doing so well with the daily posts and then I disappeared..so,let me fill you in.. but before that I have an announcement to make..I finally took the plunge and started my own Facebook shop/page to display and sell my hand-made goods.Presenting Image

You can find us here …Please like “Trishna’s ” on Facebook and spread the word-Thanks in advance:)

OK now for my updates..So Thursday was nice and relaxed-it was Anzac Day and all we had on the cards was some R&R -Rest and Relaxation..So,I went ahead and booked myself in for a facial and a massage..God knows,I needed it after hobbling around in pain for a week,post the Pilates. Ohh! and I loved the second class that I tried and that’s the one that I am signing up for. In fact,I am already looking forward to the next class.

So,after I came back from the facial,massage etc,I was making breakfast for everyone,when the phone rang.It was my College Best Friend,known as CB here.We had lost touch after I got married,because of a fall-out within our immediate circle of friends.I found him on Facebook,the other week and with much trepidation,sent him a friend request and he wrote back,almost instantly saying,how he was glad that I got in touch and he’d like to talk,etc. I sent him my number but never heard back from him..and he called that day. Actually,he called the night before(5 am to be precise!!!) and SD was awake watching some match and he picked up..and woke me up,panicking that something was wrong back home. CB,was just confused about my location..that’s what was wrong!LOL!

Anyway,that morning,talking to CB,it was like,all those years just disappeared between us.. we were back to laughing and joking like nothing happened.He spoke to SD too and promised to visit us. So,that was my Thursday morning..rest of the day,I spent sleeping on the couch..yeah..I was so relaxed after my massage and SD was a star for keeping the girls,from waking me up!

Friday,SD was back at work and we were having a nice relaxed morning,when Aadi decided to fool around with her ear.It was already red and infected and she scratched it bad.. Ugh!There was blood everywhere… I couldn’t believe it.. I applied pressure,rushed her to be seen by the nurse,who told us to wait for the Dr .And the Dr. looked at it from 2 feet distance.. his clear instructions were- Keep washing it under running water,every now and then and keep it dry!!WT….!!! Such a waste of time and the toddler was feral,by the time,we left!

Came home,put the toddler down for a nap,got the dinner started in the slow-cooker..mutton curry-yummmo! And then when Anaan woke up,we went to Aadi’s friend’s place for a play-date.Swimming had to be cancelled,on account of the ear and we came home to our perfectly cooked mutton curry. 


The weekend was as usual-work,then cuddles with my babies,a make-up class for swimming.I just remembered a funny story-The first time that I booked Aadya for a makeup lesson at swimming,I told her that she has to go for a makeup lesson on so n so day and she was dumb-struck..she asked me.Mumma are you serious?I said yes,why? ‘But you said little girls aren’t allowed to put on make-up,then why are you letting me go?” 

OMG!I laughed and laughed and then hugged her close to tell her,what sort of ‘make up’ it was!

On that note,I’ll end this post..I’ve just come back from a long walk,better get into the shower and get cooking,while my munchkin naps. 

Don’t forget to check out Trishna’s and leave me a comment to tell me who you like it..

Much love



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