The day that was..

It was ‘Wear your Sports House Color’Day at Aadya’s school today and she was in Red house. We bought a plain T-shirt over the weekend and last night as she was setting everything up,we couldn’t find it.Many discussions and mental steps re-tracking,we realised that it was kept on the Pram and must have fallen off while folding the pram. 

Anyway,after much yelling and tossing the blame-ball back and forth between SD and I,SD offered to go pick it up.B.U.T. he is color-confused where Reds and Dark Pinks are concerned.So,he rang up to check and ended up sending a picture to be doubly sure.I could’ve suggested that he ask a store assistant but seriously,how many men do you know that ask for help? LOL ..so after all this,he brought the right T-shirt in 2 sizes.Crisis averted.

Sports day was alright-I guess..She didn’t seem excited or anything. After school,we went for Ballet .Tonight I trialed a new Pilates class.This time was totally different than compared to the last.The instructor made us all fill out a form,asking specifically for medical conditions..and since it was a smaller group(the other class that I tried had atleast 15 members,if not more),she came a checked everyone’s technique through out the class.So even though this class starts half an hour later and costs a little more…its time and money well spent.

Hope you had a nice day today…See you tomorrow..


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