21 months…

My cheeky toddler is inching closer to the 2 year mark.. She turns 21 mo today.She is a little girl  already..We are sort of weaned off ..oh who am I  kidding… we are still going strong on the breast-feeding front..we have cut down on most feeds,but still 1-2 feeds through out the day. Cold turkey was hard for both of us. I was so sad and she was so angry.She refused to let me comfort her,cuddle her.And I kept wanting to see her happy content face.So,a week later,when she was very sick and hubby was in the shower,I nursed her,when she was sleeping.And she instantly relaxed and so did I.Since then,we are bf-ing again. 

Little Miss Ananya has a mind of her own and cannot be distracted easily.One day, Aadya got a lolly bag at school and she was eating a lollipop when we picked her up .Anaan asked for one and I told her,I’ll give it to her,when we get home.We got home,and as soon as we entered the house,she dragged me to the study and pointed at the halloween candy stashed away! LOL! She got her lollipop then and only then she was happy.

She is 21 months going on 6 years.Whatever her ‘Aadu’ does,she wants to do it. Its funny today,we went for Aadi’s Parent-Teacher Interview and she threw a tantrum,because she didn’t want to sit in her pram..but wanted Aadi to sit,so she could push her..yup! that’s my crazy girl. 

Today,I was meeting a girlfriend for coffee and this little missy insisted on taking her doll pram.Her favorite pony- remember I said she is 21 months going on 6 yrs…*rolling eyes*..So,her favorite pony was strapped in the pram and I had to keep the pram on the empty middle seat. 



She refused to get in her pram..In her words..’No! Mumma..No Pram..Pram Babiya!’ Yes,my little toddler refused to get in her pram,because prams are for Babiyas  babies.


I can’t imagine that last year at this time,she was a wee one..She watches out for her sister..she watches out for our things..she is my cuddly-wuddly tantrum queen….As I like to  say,this is the child that will give me my greys..but this is also the child,that will make me feel  like a queen when I am old and grey!

Finally the post that I started this morning is done:) More tomorrow..


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