And I am here again..

Despite my best intentions,I didn’t get around to blogging over the weekend. Friday night was busy..we had invited some friends over,I was fasting,and it was my last one,so it doubled up as a high tea cum haldi-kumkum.I ordered some snacks and cooked some at home.After the friends left,we went for a long drive,stopping at some friends’ homes to drop off some stuff and prasad. By the time,we got back it was 11 pm..the girls were sleeping in the car..we brought them in,and turned in for the night.

Saturday morning,the usual get-to-work madness ruled..its going to get crazier from this saturday for the next 9 weeks,because Aadi is starting Auskick. Work was good.I was just finishing work,when SD called up to say, some friends were coming over. He tidied up the living room and kitchen. Then plans changed and one of them rang to say that they were bailing out on account of sick kids.I rang the other friend and asked if we could go over to theirs instead..and thats just what we did..Its nice to have friends,who understand and with whom you can just be yourself.Seriously,I rocked up at their place in my rattiest trackie pants. 🙂 The fun continued till late night..The babies went to bed at the usual time but the big kids,were awake till we were. 

Sunday morning was a slow,lazy..we woke up late, pottered around the house,playing with the girls,cooking,doing the laundry… sometimes,these days are just perfect.We stepped out for a little over 2 hours to buy warm clothes for the kids and came back to crash on the couch..Just the perfect lady kind of Sunday.

Ohh the highlight of the weekend was Yarn shopping. Spotlight had 40% off on yarn for their knitting party and I went a splurged-came home with two bags full of assorted good quality yarn.Feeling super crafty now..:) Finished Aadya’s Rainbow beanie and making a Ninjago beanie for a friend’s son as I type this.. yeah Multi-tasking queen that I am..I take a break every few rows and type a little. If the Ninjago beanie works out the way,it is in my head.. then I’ll share the pattern:)

More later.. till then.. take care..



4 thoughts on “And I am here again..

    1. Thanks Pearlin,the banner is courtesy wordpress..:)
      I am glad you are enjoying these posts.. I am worried about boring everyone to death with my mundane posts!:D


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Especially to a person who is having to work when she is feeling soooo sleeepy. I want a day when my kids, husband, etc etc all would vanish and I be left alone with enough food and a great book. Doesn’t sound like it’s gonna happen in the next 20 years! 🙂


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