Pondering on a Friday

TGIF!Finally!We survived the first week back at school AND I managed to blog for 5 days in a row!LOL! If only I can keep during the weekend.

Its so cold here,so first thing on my agenda this weekend is winter shopping..and washing n cleaning the winter wear! In other news,I have decided to follow a new rule-not putting up with negativity(negative comments,rants,emails etc.) around me..because negativity brings me down and eats into my happy time,so No more of that.Co-incidentally, just as I was thinking of this,I came across two Facebook status messages-

1)The only person you have complete control over is YOU. You may want to help others who need help but ultimately they have to help themselves. One can only try and help and hope for the best all the while focusing on the positive! Let go and trust all will be ok... I naturally take the role of a fixer-I think its my job to make things better for everyone around or to watch out for those around me..and then,I keep thinking and thinking about all the things said,done and then worry my pretty little head to the extent that I end up feeling sad and in some cases,used.So,I am going to let go of my role as a fixer..I can only keep someone happy,if I am happy from within..And that brings me to the second message that reverberated my thoughts.

2)When one is immune to other peoples actions, inactions, judgements or opinions, one is able to avoid needless worries and or suffering – Serenity Always !! How true is this..I am not there yet.. but I am aiming for it…:) 

Too heavy for a Friday read?I know.. but I just had to say it,while it was still fresh in my mind..lest I forget and revert to old ways! Anaan and I are heading out for a little trip to the library and the salon(I need to get my eyebrows done!) I hope you have a great weekend…

I leave you with this..



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