I am so sore today..in spots I didn’t even know existed.. Atleast,now,I know..that I have abs,hidden behind the jelly belly.

(Image courtesy: Google Image search)

And my house keeping fairy was here so the house is nice and tidy,Ananya is napping.. I can just relax.Loving the silence,except for the sound of the clock.
I have a work meeting tonight and Aadya spent most of the time,before school,trying to guilt trip me-‘Why do you need to go to the meeting at night?you went for your class yesterday.I won’t get to spend enough time with you..whine whine whine whine…’ SD never gets told that..:( nor does she take him on a guilt trip!! No fair,I say!

In other news,Anaan managed to get her hands on a jar of Vicks vaporub and was in the process of rubbing it on her face,when I caught her.Luckily she had rubbed it only on her cheeks but then she had rubbed her eyes. That one was tricky-you can’t wash it out.I wiped it off with a dry cloth and blew into her eyes,that seemed to help.And then put her to sleep.. Gosh!I can’t look away for 2 seconds when she awake.

Right..I am going to sign off now..have a long list of chores to do,before school pick up.

You have a good Thursday..Its almost Friday 🙂



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