School Holidays update…

School Holidays are here and we spent the week after Aadya’s birthday being sick and getting sicker..Everyone is on the mend now and the school holidays are nearly over. SD is working on a new assignment and leaves home at or before 7 am..which is quite a change from his work from home and going out only for meeting days. 

This week,the girls and I have been going out in the mornings out to the library or to catch the holiday entertainment our local shopping centers have organised. Its fun..just hanging out with the girls and watching them together.Yesterday we caught the Scooby Doo show and Ananya insisted on getting out of the pram and joining her sister..She has no fear,this girl..She joined in the dancing with all the big kids and screamed her heart out,when her sister did.


Aadya on her part was the most caring sister ever..At home,they get in each other’s face and fight and what not..but outside,they know to stick close to each other. Aadya made sure,Ananya was in her sight,even when they were dancing.Ananya made sure,Aadya’s bottle was always in her sight!LOL! Ohh! I love my little monkeys..I can’t imagine one without the other!


We are reading a lot,watching lots of TV,playing in the park,on most days and staying up late..even if it means driving mumma insane! 

And lots of  board game playing..when your mum works at a toy library..there is never a dearth of new games to try.


On the whole we are having a lot of fun..Hope you are well too…Hopefully regular blogging will resume from next week..right now,I have to go an comfort the upset toddler..



One thought on “School Holidays update…

  1. ha ha that’s a sweet post 🙂 🙂 lil one is standing and waving hands to shaggy…. let the time froze for a while 🙂 🙂


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