Purple Toes


I took Ms.Aadya for her first pedicure,as a late birthday present.Before you start telling me she is too young for it,let me assure you,it was just a foot soak and nail color in the salon..But the excitement levels were sky-rocketting !

She has been asking for Mummy-Aadi time for a long time.. That’s exactly what we did yesterday.First we grabbed some hot chocolate from our favorite coffee shop then sat outside and sipped it,while we waited for our appointment.Gosh!She is a chatterbox.. chat chat chat… all the time.. 

She talked through the whole thing..asking the nail technician,what she was doing to Mummy’s feet.. and why was she using the nail file..why was she putting the gooey blue stuff on mummy’s legs(the gooey stuff was foot scrub!!!) .She picked purple glitter color for her toes and white glitter for her fingers.. And before leaving remembered to pick up a lolly for her sister.

And all the time,she kept saying…WOW!This is my very first Pedicure! I am so excited!And she thanked the ladies at the salon atleast 10 times for her beautiful nails..There was a bride-to-be and her friends there..and almost everyone of them talked to her and asked her how she was enjoying..:)

And this morning,when we were taking pics of our nails,Ms.Ananya had to join in.. and what could be a bigger co-incidence than the fact that she was wearing her purple toed socks 🙂 

Hope you all have a great weekend..:)


4 thoughts on “Purple Toes

    1. awww that’s how we started… The toddler doesn’t like nail polish though..she sits next to her sister and the moment we finish painting,snubs it on the carpet..Every single time!!LOL!


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