6 years of blogging..and counting

6 years back,I was heavily pregnant and frequenting the mom-to-be forums on various websites.On one such websites,I met another mom and she shared her blog with me. Until then I was writing pregnancy details in a diary and the idea of an online diary appealed to me.. little did I know that I was entering into a magical world of friendships,virtual hand-holding,mommy-wars,crafty inspirations,recipes and what not..

I have thoroughly enjoyed these 6 year.. there have been periods of anguish and I have moved urls so many times..LOL! and so many of you,loyally followed me around-Thank you,for not giving up on me..

Blogging,readers and bloggy-pals have shown me the light in my darkest days..I have shared pretty much everything here..That’s the way I am..I can’t go half way with anything..:) SD teases me that I have friends all over the world..and he isn’t wrong.. you all are my friends..you rejoice with me.. you shower my babies with love, you cheer for me.. you cheer me up with your kind words when I am down. Isn’t that what friends do?

I’ll love you and leave you with a huge Thank you…and a slice of Rainbow cake and links to older blog birthday posts.

Β DSC_0217

Β http://aadya-ananya.com/2007/02/28/my-very-first-post/



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