Good Morning

Its a rainy morning here in Melbourne.Rain brings out the crazies on the streets..impatient,honking drivers,just what you need to perk up a grey morning. Please don’t mind me..I have had less than 3 hours of sleep all night-Nanhi was up with a gassy tummy and was feeling hot and bothered. I brought her out to the couch,but it wasn’t comfortable for me.. she did sleep a little. After nights like those,I wish motherhood came with ‘sleep vouchers’…like,’Oh you’ve been up with the baby/toddler all night..right,you get to sleep in lieu and all your chores would be taken care of…But in real life..this mother,had to wake up,1.5 hour after the toddler fell asleep,wake up a grumpier 5 year old..Here,I must tell you that grumpy 5 year olds are feral! There was something that sounded remotely like a cross between whining and howling.. then,there were tears saying that I am tired,and size 6 is bigger than size 8..Gawd!I could go on and on! 

We have a new rule in the house,starting today- no iPad or TV on week-nights. They can watch TV on Friday and iPad OR TV on Saturday and Sunday,before lunch. It will be tough..because SD has introduced them to you-tube..and they are like addicts.I am being firm.. I am expecting tantrums..more from the toddler,because she doesn’t get the word’NO’ and I can’t explain to her why not.. Ms. Aadya is the easier one..I can reason things out with her. Wish me luck.. actually no.. wish me will-power to stay strong in the face of tears.

LOL!I told you this is going to be a random post… from a sleep-deprived mom.. So,if you are still reading..THANK you,for ‘listening’…

I hear the toddler stirring.. more later…



4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Really man, motherhood must really come with sleep voucher thing. I usually end up having 10 cups of coffee in the office! Thumbs up to the TV/iPad ban on weekdays. I have it in my house and keeps me sane through the week.


    1. I agree with you about the iPad/TV bans..they had the TV and iPads for two days-friday evening to Sunday evening and the tiredness and crankiness was back!:(


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