Catch up..

When February started,I thought I’d do a post a day..nope!didn’t happen.
Then came March,and again I thought,I’d do a post a day..nope!didn’t happen either. By evening,I am so drained and tired..I can’t even think straight.I have had to take naps at 4 PM on most evenings. I haven’t taken naps since Aadya was born..except the occasional ones,when I was pregnant with Ananya,and I was just too fatigued.
Anyway,all this tiredness had me worried.So,I got my blood-work done and sure enough,Vitamin D was low and the Dr. said along with that,I had a case of acute fatigue! My body was playing catch up..waking up all those times at night,staying up late browsing the internet and then waking up early for Aadi’s school..was taking its toll on me. So,Vit D supplements have been started..early bed-times have been ordered..don’t always happen..like tonight,its 10:50 and here I am writing this post.
Anyway,while we are catching up,I should update you on the happenings of my life..:)
A friend and I have signed up for a craft stall at a multi-cultural event.So a lot of crafting is taking place.
Speaking of crafting,I have been churning bookmarks after bookmarks for a custom order of 6 bookmarks.
Crafting and washing.LOL!yes you read it right! I have gone in a laundry overload..All the trips to the beach and the pool leave me with a extra laundry.That and when you have two style divas at home.. your washing baskets are never empty.So,I have been washing,drying,folding-a lot of clothes,over the last few days.
We’ve had two extremely hot weeks and finally a cool change has come in tonight..I am loving it..I’ll stop now..but not before I leave you with a pic of my cuties staying cool with mini-splits.


2 thoughts on “Catch up..

  1. I had Vitamin D and iron deficiency last year…the supplements really helped. And of course, sunlight! 😛 Sucks about the fatigue…it’s hard when you try to fit in so much in a day! Hope all is well soon…


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