Weekend crafting




We had a super-busy weekend this time. The regulars here will remember that SD plays cricket on Saturdays and last Saturday was his last match of the season and so,I took the girls to watch him play.It was a hot day,I had a splitting headache,which got worse in the sun..a hour or so later,the girls had red cheeks..I got a 10 minute massage done that helped..Aadi was a ‘responsible’ big sister and entertained Nanhi.. 
We stopped by a friend’s place for some juice and then came home to basically crash in front of the air-con. 
Sunday was another hot day,we had a birthday party to go to.It was so hot,we came home and just spent most afternoon in front of the air-con and then went to the beach-that was nice..the girls had to be dragged out of the water,a good hour and a half later. Needless to say, they are both so tired today..bad decision,going out so late on a Sunday evening. I did something sneaky.. added a little coffee to Aadi’s milk- because she was tired and grumpy and refused to drink her milk.. just a little coffee powder and she felt all grown up and drank it.. I don’t know if that made her feel all perky suddenly!

As for Ms.Ananya,she has been resting mostly..she has been going G’nite on the couch every few minutes and staying there..now that’s a first..:) Anyway,between all this,we managed to fit in some crafting..I found a sock horse kit at The Reject Shop.$4 per kit and it came with a pair of socks,poly fill,instructions,buttons,threads,needles everything. 2 hours of crafting time..our horse,that looks like a Zebra is called FlutterShy from My Little Ponies. Aadi took her for share-time at school today and just as I was leaving,she asked me if I had remembered to pack a snack for Flutter!LOL 

I hope you had a good weekend 🙂





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