My sister,my friend..

A few weeks after Ananya was born,we were at the shops and we ran into one of  SD’s colleagues,Pri and she asked Aadya if she was happy to be a big sister and Aadi was super shy.So Pri asked her about kinder and if she had any friends there.Poor Aadi had just moved kinders a few weeks before Anan was born and there was a break of 2 weeks..anyway long story short,she didn’t have many friends there. So,when Pri asked her if she had any friends at Kinder,Aadi replied,yes..when asked who her best friend was,she said-‘Nobody,but that’s OK,because I have my sister now and she will be my best friend forever.’ 

It felt as if with that one line,she had reached inside me and squeezed my heart real tight.Before Nanhi was born,we used to tell her,when the baby comes out,it will be her baby first and she will be her friend forever,they will always have each other-But she was only 4…how much a 4 year old was understanding,I didn’t know,until that day.And I hoped and prayed that her sister would appreciate her as much as she appreciated her..but really,I shouldn’t have worried..

There was something about them..Ananya’s eyes danced with joy,the moment Aadya stepped in the room,they still do-18 months later.. Aadya got restless when her baby-sister cried,she still does..They compete with each other-fight over us,their parents..yet if we,the parents get angry with any one,the other stands fiercely to save her.Give one something to eat-a lolly,biscuit,fruit-she will always ask for a second for her sister.

Knock on the wood..I hope their love grows leaps and bounds with every passing minute..May they stay friends forever…I leave you with a picture of my girls,taken at the beach last week..



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