Not so happy bedtime

Today was the first time that both the girls went to bed crying!Aadi because she wants one of us to sleep with her,and stay in bed,till she doesn’t fall asleep.The first night I stayed with her 5 extra minutes,when I went to tuck her in..then she came out crying ..that she wants her mum or dad. SD went next day and he stayed till she didn’t fall asleep.The problem is this way-instead of falling asleep in 5 minutes,she takes 30 mins- 1 hour,because she has to ask that last question,have a drink,go to toilet,feels hot..you know  the whole Shbaam! 

Every night when bedtime comes,she starts this.Tonight I put my foot down and said,she has to go to sleep on her own otherwise,she can stay up all night,in bed. SD was mad at me for asking him to leave her alone,but she needs her routine,what with school starting next week. Anyway,she was upset,cried her little heart out and then yelled out to me,”I am ready to sleep now” and was asleep 5 minutes later.

Nanhi is another story. She fell asleep,when we went to get our take-away dinner. And then woke up half way through my dinner.And then she wanted to play.SD and I took turns putting her to sleep,but she didn’t..finally we left her alone and she came out to look for an iPad(!!!)- I know!!! SD put it away and there was a huge tantrum..finally,about lots of crying,big sighs,she fell asleep. 

Finally both are sleeping..the trouble with our girls’ bedtime is their over-indulgent dad!LOL! yes,I set a routine and then he feels bad for them..takes me on the evil mommy guilt-trip and cuddles with them,rocks them extra long,gives them that extra story after lights-out,brings them into our bed ,even if it means we have to sleep like sardines in a tin! Tonight there were tears and I got nasty looks.. but SD is on a relaxed assignment now so he has time for all this.And I don’t blame him for wanting those extras..but my point is,do all that,before bed-time.Because I know,if he gets on a busier assignment,then it will fall on my shoulders.And I need some down-time every night to stay sane.As I thought aloud(intentionally!!) I give them all my time,through out the day..nights are for me-time!

Hopefully tomorrow will be peaceful!

More later…



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