18 Months and counting..

Yes..My gorgeous smiley toddler turned 18 mo today(23rd January)…WOW! 1.5 yrs since she entered this world and she’s already taken it over,one person at a time. She had me hooked-even before she came into this world..Papa was smitten when the dr confirmed what mumma suspected and most importantly,Didi,the uncontested Princess of our home,fell in love with her,from the first ultrasound..the love only got deeper,when she came out..and now,our first Princess is ready to be this baby Princess’ slave..happily over and over again..And what does Princess Ananya want ?She just wants her didi πŸ™‚

Didi is –Β Her partner-in-crime,her rival,her role-model,her love,her voice,her life,her very existence! Her day starts with and ends with one word-“Aadya” yes..she doesn’t call her didi..when we ask her where is didi,she corrects us,”Aadya”..All babies,say mumma,when they cry..this one says,”Aadya”..she does say mumma..when she is mad at Aadya!Β 

My little monkey,follows her sister’s every action.I think in her mind,she thinks she is 5 and not 1! Seriously,she won’t let me give her a bath,nope,she now has a shower with her big sister! She won’t let me feed her..she eats her own meals.She won’t let me ‘baby’ her 😦 

She has so many new words- The cutest is “No wayy” she has been saying it,for two days now..and it cracks us up,every single time. We were at a restaurant and I took her to the restroom with me and she tried to open the door,when I told her to wait..she looked me in the eye and said,”No mumma,No wait!” She wasn’t sleeping,so I told her,do you want to go out in the dark?she just clapped..so,I took her to the dark guestroom and showed her whats dark..(I know evil mommy me) and she said no dark..I said ok..and then we cuddled up and fell asleep.The next morning,Aadi wasn’t ‘listening’ to her..so she told her off in baby babble and then finished off with a very stern,”Aadi,dark?” All of us burst out laughing..and then she told me off..very angrily! LOL!

She is a little livewire..yes she is! I don’t remember toddlerhood being so full-on when it was just Aadi..Nanhi takes everything to a whole new level..Tantrums have already started and between you and me..I am scared of her and her tantrums.Β 

We are still nowhere close to be weaned off from breast feeding and she still doesn’t like Cow’s milk,but sometime in the last month or was it the month before(see she has taken over my brain space!LOL!),she weaned herself off from her pacifier..just like that..no tears,no drama,no hiding..she stopped taking it..there is one still sitting on my bedside table,she doesn’t even look at it. Actually,I should get rid of it,while I think of it…:)

We are going through a very clingy phase right now,she wants Mumma around all the time,even when playing with Papa and didi. I am mostly happy about the attention,except when she insists on going to the toilet with me..she follows me inside and closes the door!LOL! But Papa and Didi aren’t too pleased about not being the center of her attention all the time!Β 

Yesterday,Aadi planned a super celebration for Nanhi’s mini-birthday.. we got her a present and then got a return gift,as well.Then there was chocolate cake and Chinese food for dinner.And all day long,Aadi kept calling her birthday girl..and we sang Happy Birthday to Nanhi so many times..Anan kept singing Birday Birday too.. She wanted a drink bottle from Kmart and SD said no and put it back on the shelf..Nanhi made a Puppy-dog face and said,Birday..I don’t need to tell you,how quickly SD picked up the bottle and gave it to her!

Every day,I thank God for the miracle that is my babies..and every day,I thank Him for giving me a chance to be there with them,to feel them,to watch them grow..18 months ago,she slipped into our lives,quietly..they had to wake her up,to make her cry..Now,she is the noise of our lives..and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birday Birday,my Ananya..Love you so much my Nanna..



16 thoughts on “18 Months and counting..

  1. Aww happy birthday to the baby. I’m so glad to see how you cherish your angels, feels so nice. May God bless them with lots of happiness. πŸ™‚


  2. I know m impractical, but can u please exchange her with my naughty brat for a few days πŸ˜‰ can’t resist to spend some time with her after reading this..
    God bless her with loads of happiness


  3. Like your new template πŸ™‚

    Nini is already 18months,time surely is flying. I recently was going through Chucky’s old pic and felt the same. She is such a sweetheart..Hugs and lot of love..


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