Its that time of the year..

I am getting restless and nervous. Aadi starts school in two days..My Babushka,my big girl is really a big girl.She starts Grade 1 on Thursday! 

I can feel the same butterflies that I felt in my stomach,at the end of every school/college vacation.Tomorrow she also starts Ballet.She has been wanting to do Ballet for a long time. Finally we are ready.So tomorrow is the first lesson. She is so excited about it.

I think she can feel the same butterflies as I do..because she has been so teary as well..and clingy and today,out of nowhere,she told me that she would miss me at school,in the smallest voice ever. 

I know she will be fine..but I will miss her tonnes..and the little monkey who follows her around all day long,will be sad too!  Please take a minute to wish my sweetheart all the luck,as she begins a new year at school!



16 thoughts on “Its that time of the year..

  1. happy start for the drive 🙂 🙂 learn well and make others feel happy when you are around 🙂 you gonna dance eh !! have fun bby 🙂

    mommy, she will be fine when she start the day, just pamper her 🙂 she will be fine 🙂 I can feel the missing part is very hard for the little one 🙂 it will get used as the day pass by dear 🙂 hugs, keep smiling 🙂


  2. She will do great and so will li’l sis. What to say to comfort you is the question! 😦

    Baby steps, girl, baby steps – and the day will be over before you know it! Hugs and a big hi-5 to Aadya!


  3. see that’s what happens when you have girls 😉 If you have a boy and a mischievous one at that, you will shed tears of happiness 😛 She is going to have a blast !!


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