Inspiration prompt-Day 19

The seasons are changing – do you look forward to this time of year? What’s your favorite season?.

I couldn’t think of anything exciting to write today and so I took the WP prompt. My favorite season without a doubt is Spring.I love the new leaves and the sudden burst of color,all around.Though..the allergies make me feel horrible..But,I enjoy looking out the window..The color of fresh green leaves,fills me with so much enthusiasm and joy,its hard to describe.

My next favorite season would have to be summer..despite the heat.I love it for the fact that I don’t have to wear ten layers to be comfortable.The warm weather is my favorite time of the year for walks and exercise. And the colorful clothes in shops and on people..gladdens my heart.I HEART Color..and seeing almost everyone in colors other than solids,makes me so cheerful…

Now mandatory post done with..I am off to finish some crafting..before Ms.Anan wakes up.She has a cold and fever..so I am not really looking forward to the night:(


More Later….


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