Of Banamas and other happenings today.. Day 18

This morning Ananya took a Banana to SD and said Banama,over and over again till he didn’t make the connection.He asked her do you want to eat a banana and she beamed..Banama!Banama!!
Its sounds so cute!
After swimming we went to the grocery store.Without any words,the girls reached out for our hands-Aadi took mine and Nanhi took SD’s and we walked into the store-SD&Nanhi leading.Then Ananya turned back,reached for my free hand and said come!Gosh!how does she know all this?
SD reached for a basket and so did she. She insisted on holding a basket and walking. Aadi and I walked with her,while SD finished the actual shopping.We stopped at the freezers and Aadya was reading labels,pointing at the things and monkey Ananya copied her sister,stopping and pointing at everything and babbling.
When I made sweets for her classmates,Aadya tasted one and said..”Mum,when Ananya is a little older and you can send her to a daycare,I want you to start your own dessert cafe business from home.” Awww..my baby!! How does she know my heart’s desires so well..?I said ok,we’ll think about it.
Today,she wanted to eat a hot dog.So,we go sausages and hot dog buns and I made sausages for her at home and she took two bites and said..”Wow!Mum,this is even better than the shop…you should really start that cafe..” When I said,OK..she asked me to come and sit next to her so we could discuss a name for the business.
It is so sweet to hear Ananya’s babbles and Aadya’s indulgent big sister giggles.When did Aadi grow up so much?Lately,I have been wondering about this a lot.She is using such big words- “Mum you are a gracious mum” “Some of the kids were being naughty,so unfortunately we missed on some treat..” “Our toddler is so this,so that..I am so proud of her.”

My little imp,my princess,my mind readers,my heart beats…my little munchkins… Love them to bits..


4 thoughts on “Of Banamas and other happenings today.. Day 18

  1. Sigh! just couldnt comment on any of the earlier posts..

    I am trying those coconut ladoos

    oh what a lovely lovely lovely post this one is…sister love seems so so adorable 🙂 Big tight hugs to the little girls and their mom 🙂


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