Diwali day -Day 13!

Because I was too tired to post yesterday..I am trying to make up for it,with pics:)

Image Lakshmi Pooja set up
There are so many precious things on this Puja table!

The Golden cloth you see-that was my Bridal stole-specially designed for the occasion and handmade by the girl who applied my bridal mehendi.

The Blue cloth is another favorite Dupatta-never used,except to grace the prayer table. 

The lamp on the left-is a gift from my mother-in-law.One of her students gave it to her and she passed it on to me,knowing my love of brass lamps.

The lamp on the right- was gift from one of my dad’s client.It’s a part of the pair..and my mum always said,that she would give one to each of her daughters.When I got married,dad gave it to me,as a part of the wedding presents.

The copper vessels- again a part of the wedding presents..traditional gifts given by a father to his daughter,when she gets married.

All these things in the same photograph,make it my favorite photo now:)


aah the joy of sparklers..Ms.Ananya learns from watching her sister.I have to tell you though..for the first two days,all she was interested in was trying to taste the sparks! By the third day..she knew the drill and I could leave her alone for 2 secs to take a picture!


Hope you had a wonderful,lit up Diwali too!


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