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Easiest coconut laddus

My friend Vasu and her husband Sanjay host the best Diwali parties that I know of.Their attention to detail always floors me.Everything from menu to home decor,outfits,gifts is so well planned.What I like best about their ideas is Simplicity and the ease of it.So,when Vasu shared this recipe,by the way,all credits of which go to Sanjay,I had to try it.

Dry desiccated coconut about 250-300 gms
Condensed milk -200 mL can
Food color-optional

Take condensed milk and desiccated coconut in a mixing bowl.Combine till lumpy. Form balls,roll the balls in dry coconut.Serve.
Optional: coat the balls in crushed nuts.

What I liked best about this recipe was- there was no cooking involved.And there was no measurement involved.I am more of an eyeball cook.I just add a dash of this,a dash of that,a pinch of this and usually never bother to measure…unless when I want to share recipes here.
If you haven’t tried this recipe you must…I promise you,it will become your go to recipe.I made the first batch this morning for Aadya’s class.
SD and Aadi loved it.I just finished making another batch in 25 mins…how cool is that!


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  1. Hi Trish, I’ve been right here reading all your posts….but bad at leaving a comment. Btw, r u on twitter or Instagram??


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