Of Mushy Fathers and wifely rants-Day 9

You can laugh at the title all you want,but I do try to keep it as real as possible here. For instance,most of you know that the girls had moved into our bed when SD was travelling..Actually now that I think of it, Aadi moved into our bed,when I was pregnant,I moved her back to her room and then after Nanhi was born,she came right back in.
I moved her out again,when she started school and SD started feeling sorry for her.So,he moved into her room-to keep her company!I know!!!! *rolling eyes*
And when he was travelling,I couldn’t keep up with them waking up in the middle of the night and it was just comforting to have them near me.
Anyway,when I set up their room,they were really excited.They like hanging out in their room and *knock on the wood* Aadya has been sleeping in her bed all night long.
And SD is a pile of mush.Every night,he asks Aadi,if she is sure,that she wants to sleep in her room!I mean,WHY?
Before we go to bed,he asks me,if we should take the girls along…again,WHY?
I have worked so hard to make the room pretty for them.I have finally managed to get them to sleep in their own beds and I can sleep as I like.And why does he want to upset that?
I am the one who wakes up with them..EVERY night..He?Well he can sleep through an earthquake!
A friend shared this on FB and I swear,this is the story of my life on most nights..

All in favor say,yay!:D
I better wrap up now..I am so tired and have a long day ahead tomorrow.
Take care,be good!


8 thoughts on “Of Mushy Fathers and wifely rants-Day 9

    1. I agree..Atleast now Aadya sleeps through the night.. but Ananya..well lets just say I am in for a long wait,before I can sleep through the night,uninterrupted!


  1. Haha…oh I used to sleep like that too until I got my fur-babies. My mum would always say how even an earthquake wouldn’t wake me. And it’s great that you have done so much so the kids can sleep in their own room…it does become a problem later on if they get too used to sleeping with you.


    1. hahaha I was the same,PB!! even hated getting up early..but now I have to be the grown up..and wake up Ms.A and it not fun,being the grown up!LOL!
      And about kids getting used to sleeping with you..tell me about it!!LOL! Aadya has finally started sleeping in her room now..and she is a few months short of 6. I am guessing as it gets warmer..Ananya will stay longer in her crib too.


  2. Oh dear. My DH does this too. Right when our son starts to settle into a routine of not sleeping in our room, he brings him into ours and that upsets the whole rhythm. What’s wrong with men?


    1. Seriously!!! Even the little one,if she wakes up and we rock her and put her back in her cot,she sleeps..but no…he just brings her to ours..I love the snuggles too..but it means that she wakes up as soon as I do!
      They are just mushy dads..that what’s is wrong with them!!LOL!


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