Sister Act!

I have said this before and I will say it again..I always wanted a daughter..I wished on a star,prayed for one and hoped and prayed more..and I got Aadya..And then hoped and prayed that she gets a sister and then I got Ananya!!:) I know.. *knock on the wood*

I love my girls and what I love most  is watching them together…

Watching them play silly games-Making music, banging on the table.. They love doing that..and when I ask them..”Kya ho raha hai?”(What’s going on?) They look at each other and laugh-each giving me her version..:)

Sometimes they play with building blocks,and they sit together nicely,passing blocks to each other..fighting every now and again about one that they both reached for at the same time…then one of them gets distracted and they play again nicely till the next conflicting block is touched.

I found this table on my local Mums’ group.It was a steal for $15. The high chair has been done away with and they love sitting down to eat together..Aadi is willing to try more veggies,because Nanhi is eating them and as for Nanhi,she gets to feel all grown up with her sister!

I love it how they almost unknowingly hold the same stance..when talking on the phone or while watching TV…Its amazing to see them mimicking each other without even trying..

I love it how they watch out for each other..Like when Anani is throwing a tantrum and Aadi helps her calm down-Yes!Its started already!! Like when Nanhi was trying to be Ms.Independent and refused to let me or SD help her with her CalciYum,but let didi help her! Or like today,when Aadya was sulking  in her room,because I yelled at her. Ananya walked into the room,pointing at Aadya and babbling something. Aadya didn’t reply,so she went and stood next to her and started babbling softly..Aadya said something softly too..(I tried to listen..but couldn’t hear!) and then Ananya said,”Oh?hmmm!!”  It was both funny and heart-warming at the same time.

They are forever in each other’s face,each others arms,climbing on top of each other,squeezing together in a small space.. and then there are times,when they are both in the same room,yet doing different things.. and then,one of them will go and tease the other..usually its the little monkey.. who goes and pulls a pencil or scratches a bare knee or pulls some hair.. and then they are on each other again! And then there are times when the little imp is too busy playing with something or mastering a new trick and then didi tries to draw her attention.. I love it how similar they are,yet so different.

When we went away for our break,I looked forward to mornings.I would wake up early (earlier than the girls) and wait patiently for them to wake up.. They would be sleeping in different beds..but as soon as one woke up,the other would be awake ..I loved enjoyed watching them as wake up… stirring first..then stretching..rolling over and sleeping some more.. With all the running around and the chores that I want to finish,while they are sleeping..I miss out on this beautiful scene each morning. I really really cherish those morning memories.

There is no love like sibling love..and I am so glad,my girls have each other to share that with…


8 thoughts on “Sister Act!

  1. Wow that is so nice SM. I’m very close to my younger sister, we still laugh insanely at silly jokes and have lots of fun when I visit home after marriage. So this bonding is here to stay. Touchwood. 🙂


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