My sunshine Ananya..at 15 months.

24th October,2012.

Dearest Anani,

You turned 15 months yesterday….you are such a busy toddler..Mumma missed out on writing your 13 and 14 month letters but thats because you have taken over my life..and my laptop. Whenever you see me using the laptop,you come and tug at my hands,asking me to pick you up and when I pick you up,you sit in my lap and tap away at the keys!

You cheeky monkey..you make me smile with you funnies.Well they are funnies to me,anyway..but you mean business..when you push me and toddle/run into the bedroom to make sure you are the one tucking your big sister in.You pat the pillow to fluff it,turn on the fan and then tell your sister- Ae te te te(your goodnight!) When I tell you,lets go out..you don’t,because you want to be the last one to leave..so,I have to step out and let you tuck in didi one more time,before you leave the room.

You think of yourself as a big girl. You call your friends,who may be the same age or even a few months older than you,’Baby’ and when I call you baby,you point at yourself and say ‘Nanna’ Everytime we ask where is Ananya,you point at yourself and say,”Nanna’..We ask you where is Didi and you point at Aadya and say..”AaDDya!” with a hard D..its so funny..

You think you are a big girl..because you want to eat your meals the same way as your didi does..in the same TinkerBell plate..with the same mermaid fork..sitting next to her and I am not allowed to break your roti into small pieces nor am I allowed to mash your veggies or cut your chicken.No.. everything is “ME” yes.. ME is your favorite word. When you want to eat your food yourself,you say,ME!when you want to sit on a chair,you pat it and say,ME..when you want us to pick you up,you pat our legs and say ME!

Your other favorite words are- Didi,Dida,Papa,Abba,Mumma,Mummy,give,this. Every morning when you wake up.. you pat me and say ‘this’ I ask you what is this? do you want Dudu? and you say,Give! haha it is so funny. You cheeky monkey.. you refuse to drink anything else other than mumma-dudu.Oh well… nobody went to college,while still drinking mumma-dudu..so we’ll just wait it out..

Ms.Anani you know everything now.. you know how to make tea in your tea-set..you know how to feed us with your spoon and you can eat with a spoon now.You spill lots but you can definitely get food in your mouth. You can now drink from open cups,without spilling..but we have to be careful about giving you just the teeniest bit of water.

You are a naughty bubba.. yes you are.. you go tease your sister.. you pull her hair,you scratch her bare skin..try to grab it  in pincer grasp..and when she cries or screams in pain,you pretend to cry like her.If  she does something to you,you come and tell me,exactly what she did by mimicking her actions and saying “Ow!Ow!”

When we ask you if you want to do something,you tell us very clearly,if you want to do it or not.. if yes,you get very excited and nod your head..if No,your answer is loud and clear..Nai..Nai.. And if you try to take something from you,you turn into a drama-queen and scream..”Nooooooooooo” and then roll on the floor and cry.More often than not,you get distracted mid-tantrum and get busy with a toy or something that is in you range of vision..That is my favorite moment.. when you forget what you were crying about!! Muaaaaaaaah my baby.. love you soo much.

And your newest acquired skill is getting out of bed and toddling out of the bedroom,when you wake up. You lean over from your crib and when I put you on my bed you sleep longer..so that’s where you take your naps now. And when you wake up,you don’t sit up on the bed,babbling anymore.. you don’t even call out to me..you just get down from the bed..and come out.. Oh!my baby.. why did you have to grow up so quickly…?

Taking you to Dida’s school is a nightmare for me now.You go all stiff when I try to buckle you up in the stroller and scream blue murder.If I let you walk.. you want to be my boss..and lead the way..and no,you don’t like holding hands nor do you want me to pick you up. I manage to get you to Didi’s class safely..you run up to your sister(if you are walking) or jump up and down in the stroller,when you see her.And when we are walking back to the car,you just want to walk right in the middle of the crowd.You know no fear,munchkin.. you keep walking,dodging kids..or banging into them.. not caring one way or the other.

I can’t believe how quickly you have gone from baby to toddler …even sooner than your didi did.. You need to slow down,kiddo.. you really need to. You are our little baby.. your didi’s baby..and your mumma-papa’s little baby.. can you please stay like that?? And remember,naughty or not,you are the cutest baby ..or as you Dida says,you are the cutest,sweetest  most fantabulous baby ever..and we are so lucky to have you..

With lots of luvies and kissies and cuddles,



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