This Day Last Year

….I was so restless.. in pain… waiting for the dr. to decide if I will be meeting my new baby girl that night..I was more nervous about having to spend my first night away from my precious firstborn..Little did I know,I was in for a longggg night of pain…:) Seems surreal to me,that this time last year,Babychino was still inside me….

This year has just flown off..Babychino has gone from a helpless newborn to a super-clever toddler..I refuse to say 1 year old..there are still a few hours left for her to turn 1!Β 

SD has taken a day off and we are keeping Babushka away from school,so we can celebrate our baby’s 1st birthday together as a family… πŸ™‚ Life has changed so much since the day,we changed from a family of three to a family of four…and in a good way!Β 

Today we were sitting around watching TV,the girls were playing side by side.. Babushka was playing and Babychino was sitting next to her and grabbing her things,it was so nice to see them like that:) When BabyC got bored of grabbing didi’s things,she toddled over to her bike..Did I tell you,she is walking now???!!! So,she toddled over to her bike,lifted the safety bars,got on the bike and then pulled the safety bars down-all by herself!!SD and I were left gaping..and when he finally said,did you see that,she climbed on the bike all by herself..Babushka replied,without missing a beat..Oh yeah..she is very clever now..:) πŸ™‚

Yup..she is very clever now..and she is turning 1 ..and this mumma is so not ready..but I know she is all set..to toddle her way into the next year…so I’ll see you next time as mom to a 1 year old and her 5 yo big sister!



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