One more sleep…

And hubby will be here..:) I am beginning to dislike this single-parent gig..by evening..I start feeling low..I am hoping part of the blues are due to the shorter days.. but really..how long can one continue being a responsible adult! 

Lying down on the couch and closing your eyes during the day is the rarest luxury and I cant afford it right now. Heck!I can’t even go to the toilet,without being followed in and/or being talked to from the door..Today,the girls were playing nicely,some music was playing in the background,there was some dancing happening too.I decided to sneak in for a shower..Left the door open,so I could hear them. And this is what followed..

Babychino abandoned the play and followed me in…banged on the shower screen and when that didn’t work decided to try opening the toilet..I called out to Babushka to take her out..and she did..BabyC screamed her heads off..as if,she was hurt..badly..I started calling out to Babushka and all I could hear was Babychino crying,screaming..I had to come out half-way through the shower..turns out missy was screaming,because she was angry!

Gosh! I can’t wait to have just 5 minutes of empty-mind time!!!LOL! does that even make sense??? 

Anyway,I think I will be able to fall asleep now..:) Now that I have shared a little snippet of my day here….two days of work follow!



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