Happy 1st Birthday

23rd July,2012

Ananya turns 1 today.Wow!I can still see all the happenings of that day,last year,as if its happening right now.

When she arrived into this world,I was unconscious,her Papa was waiting outside,she was all alone,surrounded by strangers.Thats how I think of her arrival in this world..My baby all alone..I feel terrible for being under General Anesthesia. All the delivery staff instantly fell in love with her and couldn’t stop gushing over her.She is a fighter..she fought her way through the haze that the GA had created for her..They called her the ‘Indian Princess’…So many of them came to check on us during the next three days,that we stayed in the hospital.

Its amazing how she has still kept up the trend that she  started then..Ananya has a knack of making people hers..yes,she is a born charmer,my gorgeous girl.Wherever we go,her big beaming smile is sure to attract people’s attention.

My Laddu,she is such an easy baby.. sometimes its easy to take her for granted.. she doesn’t complain,even when she is hungry or tired or sick,unless you push her to her extreme limits,she continues smiling,babbling…:) Gosh!I love you so much,Ananya!!!….You are the noise and joy of my life…in the truest sense.

When Aadya was born,I wondered if I could ever love any other baby as much as I loved her..I often worried that I wouldn’t have any love left for anyone else…and then,I got pregnant again…and I fell in love with the new baby,even before the first ultrasound..

I took a long time coming to,after delivery,but the first thing I asked S after waking up was where was the baby…when he put her on me and she cuddled up like a koala.. there was no turning back..I was filled with the same overwhelming emotion,the same all consuming love that I felt the first time…This is my baby..I made her..she came out of me..I love her more than my own life..she is precious…:)

Last few weeks have been so emotional for me..Ananya started walking.. its as if she has been rubbing it in my face reminding me that she is not just a little baby anymore..she is toddler now.. I have a toddler and I am so not ready for my little baby to grow up.This year has gone by so quickly…its like..I had a new born and suddenly I went from telling her age in days to weeks to months and now she is a year old.

Our home is filled with sounds of Aadyaaa,Nanna/Nanya(Ananya),Baba/Papa,Mumma-Mumma(Mumma is her favorite word and she says is so sweetly too!) de-de(give me).She loves typing away at my laptop..and generally loves imitating everything her sister does.Today we got some lollipops for Aadya-I gave her one and let Ananya hold the spare one.She kept looking back and forth at the lollipop and Aadya,till she noticed,Aadya sucking at the lollipop and then she started trying to put it in her mouth too!

My cheeky monkey…S loves saying that she is in a rush to grow up..she has to do everything before time…either that or she doesnt want to try it..she can be quite stubborn…like she has been walking without shoes..but when I put her shoes on..she just stays there…keeps pointing at her shoes..asking me to take them off.

She loves following her sister around and her eyes dance with joy,the moment she spots her Didi.. school pick ups are her favorite time of the day. Next in line of her affections is Papa..yes,he gets most of her love… When he is home..she doesnt need/want me..coming to me only when she needs a feed..I wonder how it will be once I wean her off…She doesnt let go of him for a single minute when S is around.

This one year with Ananya has taught me so many things..I have really learned to appreciate life’s simple pleasures and everytime I see her,I can’t help but thank God for giving me a chance to be able to be a part of her life..to be her mom..I had a  tough delivery and a very difficult post-surgery recovery,in the OT..and I am so grateful..that I am here for Ananya.. and for Aadya.

Ananya completed our life in a way,I had never imagined before..She is perfect.. my little blessing..my little baby.. one that was meant to be..One that was well worth the wait.. one who couldn’t have come any sooner.

A tiny little angel,perfect with 10 little fingers,and 10 little toes,came into our life…time took wings..She’s made me appreciate the small luxuries of life..always ready with a smile..my little darling is perfect.. I am so thankful,for this miracle that is Ananya..I am so grateful for being able to mother her,nurture her..She completes us in a way,no-one else could and I don;t know what I was thinking,when I was worried about being able to love Baby#2,as much as Baby#1. Happy 1st Birthday,Baby girl… this year has been so exciting n so much fun!!!Love you..Soooo much..today and always…

Mumma,Papa and Didi,we all love you..my cuddlebum!

I leave you with the picture that defines the true spirit of Ananya:)



12 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday

  1. Glad i discovered this blog, really interesting. Your girls are so adorable and reminds me of my daughters (also 4yrs apart!). Keep rocking Mumma!



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