I miss blogging..

When I first started blogging 5 years back,little did I know that I would get so hooked to this whole new world..of reading,commenting,virtual friendships..

I moved blogs,changed urls… but still some of you followed me..wherever I went.. and came back when I came back here..:)Thank you!

I am that stage again..where I want to blog again regularly…and can’t keep up with multiple blogs..so I ask you yet again..for a poll…

Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote!


2 thoughts on “I miss blogging..

  1. I know it’s quite hard to keep the momentum at times (me too!) but I’m sure you’ll cherish all the wonderful moments when you take a look at your postings. Combine all blogs and stay in-touch with your avid readers.



    1. Hii Thana,
      yes.. keeping momentum is hard..and since I have multiple blogs,I end up posting in 1 or sometimes,I think of posting in one and then end up not writing anything,because I feel bad about neglecting other blogs..LOL!!
      Thanks for voting.. trying to compile everything now!


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