Change of tides


My co-worker is sick and so I have been filling in for her.Last week,when SD was here,I went in for work and took Babushka along-one of the perks of working in a toy library…:) 

Babychino was sleeping,when we left.When we came back,around lunch time,she was so mad at me.She gave me a mandatory hug,had her feed and then went right back to her dad.She would come and tug at my t-shirt,when she needed a feed and then once done,no cuddles or kisses..all those were saved for her dad..It was as if she was punishing me for leaving without saying g’bye.

And here’s Babushka exhausted after a day’s work(a work day for me is 3-5 hours,depending on how busy it has been that day!)



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