Husband Appreciation week

How are you doing?I am still alive and very much a part of you- just that life is faced paced and the big Man up there has thrown yet another curve-ball my way! The husband is travelling now..he is away during the week and flies in for the weekend..which is nice,I can still keep my job..but it just means that we hardly get any time together..Oh well,that’s life.
But one thing is for sure..since SD started travelling,I appreciate him more..I have come to realize how much he does around here..he loads the dishwasher,nags me and picks up the kids toys,holds Babychino,so I can cook in peace,puts one of the girls to sleep,takes turns with me to watch Babychino,so I can eat in peace…takes the trash out,checks the mail,turns off the lights,locks the doors..gives me water,while I am cuddling the girls,searches for the remote/my mobile/glasses/keys..whatever I can’t find..In short,I have realised that we are a good great team..infact,I have almost stopped telling me that I do everything around here!well I have..sure I am main carer for Babushka and Babychino,but SD makes my life easier in so many ways,in turn making it easier for me to take care of them.
This week he is here,with us..and life seems nice and pink again:)Its nice to have someone,who comes home to you..Its nice to have someone to wake up to:) The house smells of food again and there are dishes in the kitchen sink!Seriously,when SD isn’t around,I don’t even cook or feel like cooking.Babushka is the pickiest 5 yo on earth..She eats either rice/Roti with yogurt and a teeny bit of veggies..or dal! Or she likes her toast/noodles.So,I just make one of those for her..and I just eat that..and otherwise,I could live on eggs and toast..so thats my staple,when SD is away..:)
Anyway,I better go and spend some time with my husband,now that the girls are in bed….see you soon!


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