This morning..

I had to have a stern talk with Babushka,at school! I am very proud of myself,that I didn’t fly off the top..and scream..But,I was very stern and rude-it had to be done. 

Every morning after I park the car,I have to bring out Babychino’s Pram and fix the wind-cover etc..and then we start walking to school.But Babushka hates walking briskly and she has her big bag too..and I feel bad rushing her.So,I told her a few days back,that she could start walking slowly -NOT Run,but walk slowly and I will catch up once Babychino is in her pram. 

The first day,she ran off..when she saw her friend walking with her mom.I told her nicely,dont do that again and she said,ok mumma.

The next time,she didnt..the day after again the same thing.After that,I told her she wasnt allowed to walk off.This morning,it was just beginning to drizzle,so she asked me again,if she could start walking.I said ‘yes,slowly’ and she did and the next thing I know is she started RUNNING!I called out to her and she didn’t  couldn’t hear..I didnt even bother strapping Babychino in,locked the car and started walking,as fast as I could with the pram..She had seen her friend and was running to catch up with them.The friend’s mom saw me and waved..and all three of them continued walking..I know,she was walking with a grown-up..but It just made me very angry today.She has to learn to follow instructions…that its for her own safety..I followed them to her class and then told her teacher that I need to talk to Babushka..and had ‘the chat’ in the corner..after we finished,she just sulked and went inside,without goodbye..I followed her in and cuddled and said,she was the one who did the wrong thing and that mumma just wants her to be safe,that’s why I make sure,I drop/pick her every single day.

I was really touched that two of the parents,saw that something was up and offered to wait with Babychino while I talked to Babushka..And I was amazed at the other mother,the one that she walked with-she slipped out the other door,when she saw us talking!Oh Well!It takes all kinds to make this world..I just hope,my talking-to today works with the Babushka! Not very happy about yelling at her..:(


What would you do,if you were in my shoes,this morning?


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