Babushka was unwell, so i kept her home today. Babychino was sick too..It was one long day here- they both slept at different times. The first time,Babychino took a nap,Babs woke her up..the next time,they both cuddled up and slept together for half an hour,I finished my lunch and Babychino woke up:)One thing after the other..everything took double time today:)
This Saturday when I came back from work,SD had cleaned the living room up,vacuumed the floor,etc..when I said wow,looks nice,he rubbed it in my face,that he managed to clean,feed the girls,have a shower..all when the girls were awake, how could I not. I was too tired then, and as always my brain thinks of a response only after, the talk is done and dusted. And then I think about it over and over again..that’s what happened this time as well..and then I realized,that- he had done everything,except two important things- cooking and eating! He had his shower and finished praying when Babychino slept.I use that time to have a shower/ cook something and try to eat it…now,I don’t feel inefficient anymore..:)
Like Babushka says,I am trying my best and really working hard!:)


4 thoughts on “Day14

  1. 🙂 Hope the sisters are doing better now!

    my brain thinks of a response only after, the talk is done and dusted. – LOL happens with many of us I think 😛 Such witty retorts I seem to come up with, only when the would-have-been-recipient is nowhere in my radar 😛


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