Day15-fell asleep again!

Last night I went to bed with a purpose- the purpose was to plan out our weekly menu and my exercise schedule- and I fell asleep, even before writing the day/ date!
I haven’t gone for a walk in a long time- because it’s cold and when I come home,after dropping Babushka, I just end up doing other stuff. One of the girls on my fitness support group,suggested writing a schedule and putting in the exercise as a non- negotiable appointment- that made sense.
It didn’t work ..coz I fell asleep.And really need to plan menus- because early nights make me lazy n I don’t feel like cooking.Heading out to buy the slow-cooker now.What?I have more time during the day,to put the meal together,than in the evening! My reasoning to SD about why I want need a slow- cooker to save money- if I have the slow cooker,we won’t need to get takeaway:) lol yeah we’ll see:)


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