Day 13- Happy Mother’s Day


This,Ladies and Gentlemen, is what my gorgeous girl gave me,for Mother’s Day!
The orange flower bouquet card is from indonesian lesson,the orange tea-cup and the other things were made during everyday session,and the clay bell was made in the Art class.She bought the white board,the orange lipstick holder and the charms bookmark,from the school Mother’s day stall.She decorated the whiteboard,using her stencil.
Through out the day,Babushka wished me,”Happy Mother’s Day”,in the sweetest voice, followed by,”I love you,mommy”…. She kept telling me,that I work so hard,so I need to rest and I shouldn’t do any work today:)
She was hungry and asked me for an Omlette Sandwich..and was getting impatient while I made it… I said,I M trying my best to make it fast..and then she remembered her motto of making me rest,and she said,immediately…oh let it be ..I’m not hungry..I am telling you to rest and relax,but you don’t listen…aah my sweetness,I love her so much!
We went grocery shopping and she insisted on buying a plant for me:)
She told SD to wake up early and make pancakes for me…I knowww..so sweet,ya?But somehow it didn’t happen..and she’s promised me that one morning when it’s a holiday, she will serve me breakfast in bed,even if she can’t make pancakes,she will serve cereal!
When I tucked her in,tonight,she promised again about breakfast and I told her Thank You and asked her,when did you grow up so much? You were just my little baby…She hugged me tight and said, but I M still your little baby mumma! My cup overflows!
Oh..and as for Babychino, she gave me a super-hot stinky poopy diaper,first thing in the morning! Lol! Yeah..that’s how my day began,and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


4 thoughts on “Day 13- Happy Mother’s Day

  1. How much more sweeter can babushka get!:) Much luv to her!
    And what lovely gifts made and selected – I luvvvved the bookmark and the tea cup ….pls tell her that 🙂


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