Day12-Best part of the day

Do you know what’s the best part of my day,every Saturday?
Cuddling up with my babies…usually after I finish work,we grab a quick bite- perks of working in a shopping center…and then we come home to flop on the couch…me and my babies…SD usually leaves us to ourselves,by then he is ready for his alone time.
So,like I said..on the couch..cuddling with my babies,they are just doing their own things- watching tv,babbling,chewing on toys and all the while making sure,some part of their body is touching mine,I am not even allowed to shift even a teeny bit…absolute bliss..I tell you!
After we’ve had our share of cuddles,we move to the bedroom,to snuggle up and take a long nap… Babushka usually is the first to wake up…and she sneaks out to play or watch tv, Babychino,wakes up next and keeps babbling,playing with my face and hair….I have a big smile on my face as I type this…:)
What’s the best part of your day? Do share:)
Have a great weekend,everyone!


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