Day 11- Mother’s Day at school

Babushka’s class celebrated Mother’s day today. The teacher had set up various activities- writing a journal for mum, making a tea-cup shaped cookie,by sticking a marshmallow and polo on a cookie:), hand massage:) and in the end, all the kids had to say why the loved their mum.. Someone said- be ause she loves me.. Someone else said because she cooks for me.. Another one said because she helps me..yet another one said- because she cuddles me..and my Babushka said…because she takes me to the park!! Lol! Yes simple and straight!!

When all the kids were called to the mat,Babushka took Babychino with her and Babychino sat happily in her sister’s lap- clapping, when the kids sang:) Babs friends took turns to click pictures with BabyC!
Another week is ending… Yay yay! Work day tomorrow.. More later:)


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