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Day7- I am not giving up!

Neither the blogathon, nor the weight loss journey!! The 12 week challenge that I had started has officially ended today.. But it’s not over for me…I haven’t officially signed up for the next round of the challenge but I will follow the plan guidelines- my next goal is to lose another 5-8 kgs till Babychino’s birthday- that’s 10weeks away.If I aim for 5, that’s 500 gms per week…that doesn’t sound so scary…:) let’s see…one step at a time…slow and steady:)
It’s a stormy night here…and all the nightly sounds are even spookier, when everyone else in the house is sleeping! Lol! There! I’ve managed to produce another post!!!
More tomorrow 🙂
Much love


4 thoughts on “Day7- I am not giving up!

  1. How are you feeling now and yes Never give up … 🙂
    all the best GO FOR ITtttttttttttt


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