She is standing!!!

O.M.G.  My Babychino is standing! She had been trying to let go off both hands for the last few days and she did it today-At 9 months and 2 weeks!She’s been cruising along furniture ftoday’s or the last couple weeks, but I can’t explain my excitement today! 

If i was thrilled beyond belief, when it was Babushka’s turn, then this time my happiness has increased ten- folds,just by looking Babushka’s excitement and pride about her sister:) I can’t stress more about the fact that Babychino is more hers than ours!!

There was a mad chaos in the house- 2 parents and 1 sister, cheering on an excited baby…one mother trying toget her to stand again, so we could take pictures, this time-  trying to click pictures with the camera- one super- excited big sister clicking away furiously with mummy’s phone…. Gosh…i can still see the scene in my mind’s eye.. And Love  it!

I will try to post a picture soon…I still dunno how to upload pics from the iPad. 

This, by the way, is post 8, day 8!


6 thoughts on “She is standing!!!

  1. Already!!! oh my God, she sure is a super fast baby…ayayyayaya! to standing up 🙂

    PS – I have been reading your posts, just not able to comment… 🙂


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