Month 7 and 8

My dearest Laddu,

Sorry Mumma never got around to writing your 7th month update..if you have any recollection of this time of your life,when you grow up,you will only remember countless car rides- to and from Didi’s school,to and from Didi’s activities,to and from the station to pick up Papa.. yes…lots of car rides. Yes time just flies..my little squiggly bundles,yes you..you are a naughty 8 month old now ready to walk,babbling all the time:)

You were crawling well before you completed 6 months..just two days before your half yearly birthday,but so what.. So, you were already crawling and soon you pulled yourself up to a stand.. And since then your favorite position is standing.Yes,when you get tired,you take a break,sit for a moment and then you go back to standing!

You love looking out our big window,that looks into the backyard and I have kept your toys there, you spend most of your time there..that is when you are not clinging to me:) yes, the clinging continues.. You know whats funny? you are happy to just play by yourself,as long as I am sitting next to you,NOT doing anything..but the moment I get up to do some work or check my laptop,you have to crawl up to me and demand to be picked up!

You love my laptop.You now know that you can talk to people on the laptop and the phone.You flatten the screen of the laptop,to your height level and look at it!Such cuteness..and as soon as the phone rings,you look at it expectantly,as if its an important call that you were waiting for.And then you have to have your say..the phone needs to be put on the speaker,so that you can talk:) Its quite entertaining for me..Not so much for the person on the other side!

You are big chatterbox…you are always babbling..always:)sometimes even in your sleep-thats funny. you have stop talking,kiddo!At least when you sleep. You separation anxiety is at its peak,baby and so is stranger anxiety.Mumma started working for a couple hours,each week and let me just tell you,you are not very happy about it.I am not allowed to put you do once I come back.No-one else is allowed to pick you up or change you or put you to bed or anything-and this is the case on most days..but on that one day..its even more!But, as soon as we pick up Papa, you want only him..till you dont get your cuddles and kisses and walking around the house in Papa’s arms…once you are satisfied,then you jump back into my arms!

Oh and once your sister comes back from school,you have eyes only for her.This morning you snuggled up to me and gave me kisses but once your didi was back,I asked you for kisses,I begged for cuddles and you didn’t care.. you only wanted to look at your didi and only wanted to cuddle with her.

We are experimenting with food now and this time,Mumma is wiser..I am giving you all the veggies,that i never dared to try with your sister.Avocado is your favorite:) Mumma’s girl!

And my naughty naughty babuchi.. you are so vocal about everything.If someone takes something away from you,you scream.If you are bored, you scream..if we try to restrain you-in your car-seat or in your high-chair,you scream!! Seriously,the screaming has to stop. Today Papa called and I put the phone on speaker and both you and didi were talking,I moved the phone closer to didi and you screamed at me..And while we are talking about screaming,let me just tell you,screaming at me,will not get you my tea!

And you little miss, you have to remember,we are your didi’s parents too..She is sharing us with you..you are so possessive.. if didi cuddles either one of us or sits in our laps,you have to leave everything and try to push her out..1) she is bigger than you.2) She came here first!..And you think by growling you can scare her off? you little tigeress..:)

I can’t believe it -In another 4 months, you will turn One…but I have a strong feeling these 4 months are going to be very exciting…and the times to come after those,will be even more so..

Love you my laddu singh.. love you so much..






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