Happy 5th Aadya

Dearest Aadya,

Happy Birthday! You are 5 today! I find it hard to believe that my first baby is now jumping around telling everyone that its my birthday today..I am 5 now.

You are the sweetest,brattiest 5 yo I know..and I love you for all your sweet brattiness! Because you are mine..all mine.Sometimes you test my patience and then I get mad and yell at you!but absolutely no-one else allowed to yell at you..not even your Papa.. And it makes him mad that I always spring to your defence…but I am your mom and its my job to watch out for you..I cant help myself.

You are such a good big sister…I know this year has been hard for you..you have had to share your parents.. you have had to give up your privileged place next to mumma  to your little sister.. I am amazed how understanding you are..You slip aside and make room for your sister,when I bring her into bed,when you are next to me..And it breaks my heart when sometimes you insist on being the only one next to me..after all you are just a little girl and right next to me,snuggled up tight is where you belong!

You are getting closer to your Papa than you were all these years and I love watching you both together. You cuddle him,look for his approval and generally want to make him happy. You even go out alone with him.I love how you have serious conversations with him and snuggle up with him,when I am putting your sister to sleep.

You started school this year and you are one of the younger ones in your class.. we had a few tough days,where your teacher had to have a ‘chat’ with me ..but nothing that can’t be fixed. You are loving school and look forward to going everyday,

Some of the kids have been teasing you about your handwriting and you come home and practice on your own..because you want to  get better..when did you grow up so much…?My sweetheart..you are perfect.. but I love it that you don’t want to stop till you haven’t perfected everything.

You have an opinion about everything..what you want to eat,what you want to wear, where you want to go.. which words are right and which are wrong.You wanted to go out for a family date for your birthday this year..and as for your birthday party, you wanted to have an arty crafty party..we had a Painting party for you.. I even let you decorate you own cake.And wow!you did such a good job.. And proudly told everyone,how you helped mummy decorate your cake.

After the party, when I asked you if it was a good party,you told me….’it was the best party in the whole world’…Mumma is happy.. 🙂

Here are some messages that were written for you by your dad, masi and finally me:

This is what Papa wrote:Happy Birthday Aadya Pillai;you turn 5 years today.Needless to say we have enjoyed every moment with you.Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!!!! 

And here’s what Masi wrote:

5 yrs back dis day my life changed n its been beautiful more beautiful, meaningful, eventful, full of love n lovely moments and everyday is a special one as soon as d word Tukulu ring into my ears.. Yes that’s d name I got wen I promoted from being just d baby sis of Di to Masi of my princess.. 

Princess – tats wat im suppose to call her, no other names taken or accepted not even Aadya frm Tukulu for sure.. My darling princess u mean d world to me.. my heart beats faster everytime u hug me, iam all refreshed everytime u kiss me.. ur innocent n mischievous smile says u hv won anything dat u want frm me n Im game for many more such lovely moments in life just for u …

U make my life complete n today on ur birthday Tuku Masi wants to tell u … thanks for coming to me, being such an imp part of my life, I love u veryyyy muchhh very very muchhh .. d only person I love more than myself.. Happy Birthday Princess !!! Wish u all d happiness n choicest wishes throughout ur life

Dis is not complete till I thank Trishna Di n Sanjyot Jiju for giving me world’s most precious and priceless gift … I knw I cannot thank u guys enuf .. love u all veryyyy much n missing u all

And finally,this is my message for you:

5 years back,I insisted on walking to the OT myself…I knew my life was going to change -I just didn’t know that it was going to be simplest of tasks..because,after that short walk..life has been one amazing roller-coaster of emotions,engulfing love and sometimes frustration too..Before you came along, I couldn’t imagine loving anyone as much as or as completely as I love you,Ms.Aadya.. you changed my world and me in such a way that you became my world..Love you always and forever.. Big hugs and cuddles..and more cuddles…

Love you always baby.. lots and lots..



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