February Birthday gift

We are half way through March and I still haven’t revealed what I sent for the feb birthday girl..so here it is:)

A feather and fan bookmark and a mobile cover(my own pattern based on granny square)

I started to make a necklace for her,I even made the flowers for that..but somehow,I didn’t like the way,it was coming together and so,abandoned that half way and whipped up these..:) I am so glad,I did.. because,the birthday girl loved it and has already used the mobile cover!And mostly because she had once commented that my parcels were full of color..so I had live up to that name:D
I am using every spare minute to work on and complete the gifts for the March girls.. hope I can mail it out in the next week.. 🙂 I will post pictures of my loot,soon.


2 thoughts on “February Birthday gift

  1. Just saw your blog today! What a first post to read… About MY gifts! 🙂 I really love them and am happily using them. Thanks again. 🙂


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