Random updates

Its been so long since I posted updates here…A busy mommy means a slack mommy blogger.. I should really try harder..:)

Aadi is well adjusted in school and would you believe it,the first term is almost over.It gets over on her birthday..she is eagerly waiting for the last day of school.

Anzie is crawling around or standing ALL day long.She is babbling so much…and has said,baba,mummmmmmmmy and didi and she always says mummmymii when she wants me..and same goes for baba and didi..she says the words when she goes to Sanj and Aadi! And when you ask her,where is Papa,she looks at Sanj.If I call out to Aadi,even when she is not home,she looks out for her sister:)

Something cute has been happening here..On most days,after Aadi comes back from school,she is tired and cranky and if I say no for something,she runs to her room crying. And Anzie,follows her,crawling,as fast as she can..tapping her feet or knees or whichever part she has most access to.And then Aadi picks her up and they both cuddle and she feels better.I know its going to happen,before it happens..I love watching them like this..I hide behind the door and sneak a peek at my lovely girls..and feel all mushy inside..

Of course..there are days,when they both drive me up the wall and I want to just go lock myself in a room.. but its moments like these that make everything else,seem so insignificant!!!


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