Weight-loss Tips

So,first R’s Mom and then Comfy asked for weight-loss tips..Well here you go ladies..
This is what I am doing
1) Calorie Tracking-I am sticking to 1700 cals (since I am bf-ing).If you are not,1200 calories is a good aim.I use myfitnesspal.com and if you enter your details,it will give you your calorie goal for each day-pretty simple.MFP also has recipe calculator..So say you made a sandwich with boiled eggs and cheese-just enter all the ingredients and you will have the calorie count of your meal.It looks and sounds tedious..but trust me after a while,you get used to it! So,thats what I started first..I think in September of 2011,when Babychino turned 3 months.
2)Avoiding processed stuff as much as I can.But I love my bread.so,I pick up wholemeal or whole grain bread…
3)Cut down on the rice in a big way and eating cracked wheat instead and now on the days when I eat rice,I feel bloated and too full
4) Walking-My dad always says,walking is the best exercise..but I never believed him.Now I vouch for it.I started walking 4-5 times in a week from the 1st of January and I can feel the difference.I went for a 4K fun run/walk and finished it in 42 minutes..I was walking.
5)DVDs– I have Tae Bo by Billy Blanks- and I do that 1-3 times in a week..depending on how the day is going..Its getting colder here and sometimes,its hard to go out..too cold or raining and if SD isn’t home,then I don’t need to drag the baby out..I can still finish my workout.
Sometimes,I look up Zumba on you-tube.The day I cross the 10kg mark from the 1st of January..(another kg to go..)
What else…
6)Goals and Rewards: In the past,I used to lack motivation..At the beginning I used to be very charged up but after a few days or weeks,I would stop.One bad day of eating and I would be like..whats the point..but not anymore..If I eat out one day..I make sure I eat in the next 5-6! I also signed up for an online weight-loss challenge so that I stay focused..I have come to realise that if I have a goal to work towards,then,I am more focused..When I looked at my big weight loss goal of nearly 30kgs,it was really daunting..and in my mind..I had already given up.This time,the only thing different I did was I set myself small targets..like I want to lose 1/2 kg per week…or 3 kgs in 1 month.And I promised myself rewards..for the first 5 kgs lost,I bought new clothes.
My next goal is 10 kgs and once I get there,I would be at the weight that I was when I got pregnant with Babushka..and when I get there,I am going to book in a massage and buy a Zumba DVD!
I am just making small changes and being as consistent as I can..I hope this helps..if you have any tips,please feel free to add to this list..
Recently a friend shared this link with me..I like what this lady has to say ..go on have a look:)
And with this,I end my lecture..:) Look forward to hearing from you all..:)


6 thoughts on “Weight-loss Tips

  1. Not thinking about WEIGHT also does the trick .. I have given up nothing works for me booooo hooooooooooo

    you are doing goooooooooooddd… All the best and balle balle …


  2. Avoiding processed foods is #1 on my list, I’ve been eating too much of it since I started working again. I feel so tired to cook in the evenings, that I cook 1-2 items and the rest of processed. Really need to get better about it.
    Your list sounds great!


    1. Its hard..most of the times..and gosh! there was a point when we were eating frozen paratha or roti every NIGHT/DAY!
      I am so tired these days…the only way to get through and eat clean is -bulk cooking!:)May be you could try that!


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