No way!

I cannot believe it..its been 1 whole month since I blogged.. I have turned into one of those bloggers,that create a blog and forget about it..Life is suddenly so busy..I need more hours in my day! 

My morning starts between 6:30 and 7:00 am..The first alarm rings at 6:30am..I switch it off and go back to sleep.Then the second one rings at 7 am..thats when I get out of bed and start my morning.

Wake up Babushka at 7:30am and then the running begins..some days I can hear RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN in my head…and by midweek,she is tired and so the yelling begins..

Anyway,we leave home at 8:30am to drop her at school..If I am lucky,Babychino sleeps till 8:15 or so,when I wake her up..But most days,she wakes up by 7:30 and then,I do all the RUNRUNRUNRUN with her on my hip! 

Come home by 9:00 am,put Babychino down for her nap-finish my workout and shower.By then Babychino wakes up-then we have breakfast and then her massage,playtime,lunch etc.. Before I know it,its 2:30pm ,when we leave for school pick up!

Come back home with a tired and cranky Babushka..snack,homework,shower,playtime,cooking,picking up SD,dinner and its time for the girls bed.

After the girls are in bed,I am so tired..I have no energy or drive to do anything,except mindless surfing or attempting to read.

Next day-rinse and repeat!

I can’t wait for Babushka’s school holidays to begin. Oh and a bit of excitement..my dad will be visiting us for a while..so excited about that.

I posted a notice in my local mum’s group asking for interest in learning crochet and 4-5 people were interested..so,I started a class and today was the first day.I had so much fun,teaching and chatting.I realised thats the right kind of job for me..something where I can interact with people on one-on-one basis and if I get to do something crafty,at the same time..I am set!

As for weight loss- I am happy to tell you that I am now 10 kgs lighter than I was,when I found out I was pregnant with Babychino!R’s Mom you asked for some tips- well all I am doing is..eating clean- basically avoiding processed food as much as I can.. the only thing processed I am eating is probably whole grain bread and cereal.Everything else,cooked from fresh ingredients…baring the spices. And calorie counting.I also try to exercise 4-5 times during the week-either a video or walks..something.The day I cant do any of that..I do a major clean up or do squats while cooking or squats holding BabyC!LOL! and then some days I don’t do anything..because I am so tired.. but I try and eat within my calorie level..everyday! 

This time I really really will try to be regular and try to post everyday..even if its a short post.And I promise I will get my act together and hop over to your blogs..I have started missing the blogosphere! 

Hope you all are doing well and had a great Holi!




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