Yes,it is!
Thank you so much for all the hand holding.Tuesday came and went,I gave her two more days,still no calls.So,I went to the Dr.’s office and she had not reviewed the results and she was on leave.I asked for an appointment with another Dr. in her practice.And I was so glad, that I did.
This Dr. is a young guy from UK I think..more about him later..First things first…He checked the results and said,the biopsy results came back fine and that I need to push all worries of Melanoma out of my head.Phew!I didn’t know that I was holding my breath,as he scanned through the results.
He changed the dressing on the wound HIMSELF,which to me is big deal..because most Dr.’s just look at everything and leave the rest to the nurses.Thats how it is with Public system..I am sure anyone who has had any experience with Public medicare in Australia,UK,Canada will agree. And he did ask me to watch out any other moles that appeared on her body..but he also asked me to strongly ask the Dr. to review them again in 8 weeks,instead of going straight to the knife.
I was so relieved and much as I love my old Dr. I think I will take the girls to this one.All the time that he was changing the dressing,he kept up a playful banter with Babushka..and before we left,they were hi-fi-ing like old friends.
And I can’t tell you,how relieved I am..all those days,I kept waiting for the results,I felt like there was big boulder sitting on my head and heart..I jumped at every phone call…I kept looking at her and kept thinking..I WILL GO INSANE if something goes wrong with her.. But, phew.. its all behind us.
She has a new mole on her small as the full stop at the end of the sentence..we just took a picture and I am going to leave it at that…hopefully..


8 thoughts on “So ALL IS WELL!

  1. That is good news then Nothing ot worry about .. oh ho a Dr. from THE UK acha good goood 🙂

    SHe will be just fine .. stop worrying toooooooo much 🙂 god is great ..


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