8 years

Yesterday SD and I completed 8 years of married bliss..:) YES-8 years!!

The first year was mostly a mixed bag..more bleh..than bliss.. but we made it…:) It is during that year that I understood what my friends and relatives said about-When you get married, it doesn’t matter whether is arranged or love! The first year was difficult..and why not,we were getting used to living with each other-instead of just meeting,sharing a meal and going back to our own homes. Even if we had a fight on a date,we knew,there was just limited time and we would just quickly make up and make the most of the date.. But,when we were living together.. we had all the time..and egos reared up their ugly heads.But we made it…we got through it!!:D We lived in 4 places,across 3 countries during the first year of marriage(SD lived in 5,across 4 countries-because he went away on a business trip-that got extended and extended again!)

The second year was better than the first but not great. There were some bad months of family trouble..which even spilled over into the third year..The family troubles did make it hard for our new marriage..but it also made our bond stronger..we went through phases where we were at loggerheads and then there were phases,where we didn’t care about anyone else,but us..:) We moved again just before our second Anniversary..another time,we moved countries.

The third year had its share of family trouble,that spilled over from the second.. but by then we were a teeny bit smarter and didn’t let all that get in our relationship.We decided to tackle those,when they presented themselves-which was very frequently..but we would put the phone down,and get in the car and go for a long drive..driving silently,till the tempests in hearts and minds settled..and then we would be alright..The third year brought to us,the sweet news of my first pregnancy…and we were on top of the world.That year we moved twice and on our third Anniversary-I was pregnant and starving and he was overworked and we managed to get a take-out just before our favorite restaurant closed their kitchen..Yes! he didn’t get home till 10.00pm that night!

The fourth year saw us as new parents.And you know what?That teeny-tiny bundle of love just made us glued to each other like never before.We made it through the sleepless nights,teething troubles,health problems-both his and mine-smiling:) I swear..I am not kidding. The fourth year also saw us welcoming our families in our homes..for the love of a grandchild,is bait enough for the grandparents to take those long flight. And we moved yet again that year…:) just once!

The fifth year started with a milestone..when we first left India,we got on that plane as a newly married couple..we got on a plane to go to India- only this time,we were new parents and were proudly holding our love and joy,our 9 month old.The fifth year was nice..except our families had to go through terrible times on account of health and work..and both the times,our circumstances left us,feeling terribly helpless and tied down. Things got better as the year ended.We moved countries that year and again on the anniversary day,SD was working late and we managed to get a take-out just before closing time!

The sixth year was pretty tame compared to the rest of the years..Actually it was pretty laid back..We made the most of what we had and enjoyed ourselves and our baby πŸ™‚ AND NO there were no moves that year-we only changed houses!!:) Family visited again that year and I ended up going to India alone with Babushka.That was the first time,since Babushka’s arrival that we lived apart for 2 months! All in all,it was a good year..great even!

The seventh year saw us getting ready to go one step ahead in game of parenthood..:) Yes,just before our 7th anniversary,we found out that I was pregnant with Babychino:)More family visits that year:) And no moves.We went back to India again as a family and SD changed jobs.That year was the first time,he went away on a business trip..He did weekly flybacks and it was weird not having him come home every night and he felt lost not having his favorite girls to cuddle..That was when we realised how you can take your spouse for granted:) I was too sick,on our anniversary that year,so we just stayed in watched movies:)

The eighth year saw us waiting for a new baby..SD went through phases of being extremely stressed out and irritable,like he was last time..and then there were phases of extreme care and concern.There were moments when I came this close to killing him..but then picking up my pregnant bulk,pushing Babushka away from my growing bulk was too much effort..And then how could I deny Babychino the pleasure of being loved by her dad..And ..and.. how could I let SD go without him changing a few poopy diapers..So, he survived..and I survived..and we got our beautiful baby girl..:) The eight year zoomed by and we spent our 8th Anniversary,frantically buying Christmas presents for our precious girls. Yes!we left it to the last minute..but that’s besides the point..I remember,when in the pre-baby days..it was all about eating out, indulging each other..and this year..we didn’t even get cards for each other..In the evening,we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner and it was closed..:( We were starving by the time we got to our next choice..It was on the other side of town..I am hoping this means that another move is on the cards…Thats another story that we ate till we burst-literally..!!I have not pigged out so much in a long long time!!
Lets see what the ninth year has in store for us…
Eight years,8 places,2 babies,1 receding hair-line(his!),one expanded waist-line(mine!),hugs and tears,love and laughter,food(OH!yes..there has to be food!),joys and sorrow… all added and subtracted,its been a good run..Despite our differences(oh!yes we are like chalk and cheese!),the bonds that we formed,the vows that we took all those years back are still going strong…I hope the years to come are kind to us:)
Happy Anniversary,SD !


10 thoughts on “8 years

  1. COngrats and wish you a very happy anniversary ..
    Kept it quiet haan not good fearing we might gate crash the party πŸ™‚

    heres to many manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more years of togetherness full of happiness and Joy πŸ™‚


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