5th Month

Hii Ananya,

You are 5 months old  young now..and you are a rock star! You are such a smiley fun baby to be around. Everyone in your sister’s Kinder used to call you smiley! Some of my mum friends said,they have never seen another baby who always smiles.And you did change that impression on the last day.. by screaming when one of them looked at you and said hello..Boy! you cried and cried and cried…I think you were startled and didn’t know what was  happening.

Oh my Laddu..yes,darling.. that name is stuck with you.. you know why?I love your perfectly round face..and those baby kisses that you shower me with give me such a heady sugar rush… So how can I call you anything else,but Laddu!! So,my dear Laddu..you are sitting up.. well you started sitting up sometime in your 4th month and now you can sit up straight without any support.. Its so funny..when you first started sitting up,you didn’t want to lie down..Even when you were half awake and half asleep.. you wanted to sit up and cried till I didn’t prop you up!

You know, you were trying to grab our spoons and food with both your hands..1-2 days before your 5th month birthday.. Yes,you were…you watched hungrily when I was holding you and eating..We went Berry picking and you grabbed my hand that was holding the strawberry,with both your hands and tried to take a bite! The next time,we were at a cafe and you yelled and screamed and grunted.. because you wanted to taste what we were eating!!! You naughty naughty baby..So we decided to start you on solids.Well,I decided and your sister excitedly agreed..and Papa,well he was out-numbered..so he agreed too.

We did a little ceremony and you were fed your first official solid food..Rice cereal to be precise and you loved it..you gobbled it up..we tried it again the next day and you were happy to eat… but then you had too full a tummy and had trouble sleeping.So, we have put the solids away for a while.. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks on a half-filled tummy 🙂

And Missy,yet again,I have to ask you..WHAT IS YOUR HURRY?? You are trying tummy and butt pushups..trying to crawl away,are you?? Well ..well.. there is no escaping this crazy family.. we are stuck with each other for life..So,relax..slow down..and remain my little baby..a little while longer..OTHERWISE I swear,I will wrap you  up in a bubble wrap 😀

Love you loads …Monkey… Lots and lots.. and lots…

Kisses n cuddles



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