3 months

Oh my Ananya,
I cannot believe,you have been with us for only 3 months,so far 🙂 Gosh!it feels like forever,baby!
You are the cutest,funniest 3 month old..I mean it,really! You,have discovered your voice a couple days back and since then,our life has just become so musical. You spend every waking moment trying out your voice..and the sweetest part is when we go away from you and come back to you,you greet us with the most excited babble.
You are rolling over,every now and again and its really exciting for us to watch you like that. You used to hate tummy-time,but slowly,you are reaching the point when you lift your head for longer times and when we clap excitedly,it makes you very happy.
Anzie,you are happy in crowds.You love the sounds,the new faces,the activity and you don’t mind if new people hold you.But,you know what,Bubba, you now know your people from the other people.We recently took you to a party,where some of our friends,took turns holding you.You were fine for quite sometime,cooing and gurgling to them…and then suddenly for no apparent reason,you started fussing..Nothing they did seemed to calm you..Your Papa was summoned,because,I was eating..and as soon as he picked you up,you were happy.
When you see Mumma,you get so excited..you have the widest grin on your face,followed by a deep throated laugh and the whole-body-shaking excitement!!Aah,Bless!
While earlier,you were happy and content,to lie around in your crib,while I rushed through to finish the morning chores or get your big sister ready for school,those days are over.Now,you want to be in the middle of action.You hate being in a position,from where you can’t see whats happening.Even when we go out,you are no longer content,lying down in your stroller, you like to sit up and look around. And you stay away for as long as possible- you keep your eyes open till the very last minute!!
Even when we are nursing,if you hear anyone talking,you have to stop and listen.If I am the one that’s talking,then you want to join in and have your own little conversation:)
All this is a lot of fun..but you are turning into a little clingy baby..You just want mumma to carry you all the time..and I do..I feel bad for dragging you out all day long.. picking up and dropping your sister to her kinder and library and kumon.I totally get you,that we don’t get to spend enough face to face time.. but really,Bubba,Mumma can’t carry you all day long.
YOu know whats my favorite bit of you? You need some one-on-one time with mumma,everyday..really.. I figured it out,a few weeks back.And since I figured it out,I actually look forward to it.At the end of the day,you need Mumma to take you to another room,just you and mumma..and we have to spend some quiet time,that makes you so happy.
Your didi wants that kind of time too..and I feel like,I am constantly stretching myself…but God!I love it.. I love her..and I love you..and I love watching you both with each other…such fun..so much love and I can’t get over the fact,that I created you both.. that you came out of me..you precious little one!
I have to stop now..coz you are screaming…
Love you,always


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