Passport to a healthy pregnancy

I think its pregnancy and baby season..So many of my friends and their friends and their friends’ friends are either pregnant or have newborns or babies:)Even in my immediate friend circle,4 of us had babies 20 days to a month apart and 3 others around the same date.
So,when Anne from Women’s Web,left me a comment asking me to participate in the Passport to a healthy pregnancy contest,I had to write this post.I have had two pregnancies so far and they were both poles apart.
During my first pregnancy,I did everything by the book.As soon as we found that I was pregnant,the husband went and bought “What to expect when you are expecting“gift pack and that book became our Bible for those 9 months.We religiously read the weekly fetal development chapters.Along with that I also signed up for Babycentre.com and received weekly updates in my inbox.I quite looked forward to it.The second time around,along with the weekly updates from Babycentre,being experienced,helped too.I didn’t panic at the drop of a hat and generally was more relaxed.
Finding a good Doctor..I found a great OB-GYN in my 4th month and she really guided me well through out the pregnancy.I realized its so important to find a Dr that you can talk to.I laughed with her,cried in front of her,asked her stupid questions,without any qualms. She laughed with me,scolded me,when I was careless and hugged me when I cried.The advice and care that she gave me four years back came in handy the second time around too.
Being active– is so important for your physical and emotional health. I started both my pregnancies at a higher weight.I did try to lose weight before getting pregnant,but couldn’t lose as much as I wanted to,because of various hormonal imbalances.So,I was adviced to gain not more than 5-6 kgs.I continued walking and every day activities until the very last day both the times.
Eating Healthy-I cannot stress anymore on this.Eating for two is a myth.As long as you eat a good well balanced diet you are good, you will be healthy and your baby will get enough nutrition.Ofcourse,if you are craving for that bar of chocolate,sitting in your refrigerator,then,you HAVE to eat it. What I found helpful was bulk cooking and freezing the food.I used to cook more or freeze the left-overs,so there was always ready to eat,preservative free food,in the house. In the last months of pregnancy,I started to cook food to freeze..that way,after the baby was born,we had ready food,for atleast the first month.
Rest,relax and Pamper yourself-Thats exactly what I did during my first pregancy..I rested,took naps,when I felt like.I listened to my favorite music all the time,read humor-filled books,talked to my favorite people,avoided those who stressed me out..and generally stayed happy.Oh and how can I forget,the spas..those trips were really a great blessing for a tired pregnant body.
During my second pregnancy,I didn’t get to rest/relax much,since I was sick most of the time and was caring for a very active 4 year old,but I was so happy because of her 🙂 Her excitement was contagious.
Pregnancy is my favorite topic and I could go on and on about it..but,I will stop with these two last points.
Plan and Prepare– If you have PLANS-yes multiple plans and prepare for them,you will be much for relaxed.Keeping your hospital bag ready as the time approaches,really comes in handy.
And lastly,Selective hearing..LOL!yes, you read it right.Pregnancy and motherhood attract unsolicited advice in huge amounts.Everyone,be it family or friend,neighbour or a random stranger you run into the super-market..or even your maid,won’t stop at dispensing advice…It can be really daunting..Listen to everyone,nod and smile..and then finally,do only what you feel is right!
Just remember, you know your body and your baby better than anybody else..just trust your gut feeling and do what you feel is right.
I am so thankful to Women’s Web for hosting this contest..I am glad,I could write this post.


10 thoughts on “Passport to a healthy pregnancy

  1. hi trish..

    what hap man? i see you suddenly here… i didnt even go thro your post… directly got to comments section… when did you appear again..anyways happy to see you active online… keep going you cant go away from our world ha ha

    so hows life? how is ananya?? hugs to the lil one… keep in touch dear take care!!


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